What makes the Lancer Method better than other skin care regimens?

The Lancer Method was engineered after 30 years of dermatological experience. Dr Lancer formulated this simple routine with interlocking technology to ensure that each step compliments the others. By choosing to exfoliate skin first, Dr Lancer has revolutionised skincare as we know it.

Step One: Polish – As always, the first step is critical. Dr Lancer’s Polish exfoliates the surface to allow further treatments to penetrate properly.

Step Two: Cleanse – Dr Lancer’s Cleanse works to gently sweep away debris left behind by Step One.

Step Three: Nourish – This step is essential to ensure that skin is provided with the correct nutrients it craves.

And above everything else, Dr Lancer has developed The Method for Normal, Sensitive and Blemish Prone skin to ensure that individual needs are catered for.

What can I expect?

Many people notice a change in their skin tone and appearance the first time they polish. Unlock instantly smoother skin and your skin’s true potential. To do this, Lancer products must be used consistently and in conjunction with each other.

How soon will I see the results?

You must remember that to achieve glowing skin is a process which can take time. However we’ve had so much feedback from users who have noticed an immediate difference to their skin.

Will the Lancer products help reduce the appearance of pores?

In short, yes! Enlarged pores are caused by dirt being trapped inside each individual pore and making it wider. The perfect product to
treat this is The Method: Polish which deeply exfoliates skin to reveal smoother skin.

I have oily skin, will The Method: Nourish cause unwanted breakouts?

This is not something you have to worry about because all of the products are non-comedogenic. It’s essential to keep skin hydrated even if it is oily, which is why Dr Lancer created The Method for Blemish Prone skin.

How much of the products should I use each time?

Due to the strength of these products, only a small amount is needed each time.

Are Lancer Skincare products cruelty free?

Yes, our products are never tested on animals and don’t contain any animal by-products. Also, our sea algae is harvested from special algae farms as not to deplete the natural supply of ocean algae.

Are these the same products you use in the Lancer practice?

Yes, we use exactly the same products at our practice in Beverly Hills. This is the first skincare line that we have offered to the general public and we only use the best ingredients.