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Advanced Ageing

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Although ageing is natural and unavoidable, showing signs of advanced ageing can be disheartening. Advanced ageing occurs when you do not lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have a poor diet or lead an unactive lifestyle then signs of advanced ageing will appear. Lack of sleep and stress also contribute to advanced ageing. However, it can be prevented by taking the proper measures to protect and care for your skin and having a good daily skincare regimen that you stick to consistently.

While we recommend looking at your lifestyle to see what you can change for the better, we also offer advanced anti-ageing skincare products that you can work into your skincare routine to combat the signs of advanced ageing. Anti-ageing skin products will have a much more positive impact if you have a good skincare routine in place first so we recommend that you start with The Method. Our 3-step system of Polish, Cleanse and Nourish will keep your skin clear and healthy, and will prepare it for our advanced ageing treatments.

Signs of advanced ageing include age spots, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. A lot of these signs can be attributed to your skin being exposed to the sun without proper protection, which is why we recommend that you apply an SPF daily and top it up regularly throughout the day to prevent further damage. Our Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 provides 97% against both UVA and UVB rays.

If you already suffer from the effects of advanced ageing then look no further. Our range of advanced treatments can help provide visible improvements to your specific concerns. Our Intense Fade Serum addresses age spots and dark spots. It lightens and brightens the skin using red algae extract, and sugar cane extract provides gentle exfoliation to even out your skin tone.

Our Intense Lift Serum is infused with pure 24 karat gold which helps to absorb free radicals before they can induce inflammation in your skin. Cassava root extract provides immediate smoothing benefits. Extend the smoothing effect beyond your face and smooth the skin around your neck and décolleté using our Contour Décolleté. This formula uses marine cone snail venom to reduce the appearance of fine lines while its acid-free blend promotes the production of collagen and elastin for a naturally lifted, firmer appearance to your skin.

Reverse the clock on your advanced ageing with our Lancer Skincare anti-ageing products. Shop our range to treat advanced ageing today to see how Lancer can bring out the best in your skin!

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