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When you are young, your skin has a natural glow, but many things can tarnish this glow, causing skin dullness and loss of vivacity. Environment, habits, diet and stress can all have a negative impact on your skin tone, leading to dullness. If dead skin cells pile up on the surface of your skin or your skin is deprived of oxygen, then it can lose its shine and become dull.

To combat dullness, skin treatments that will sweep away dead skin cells and supply your skin with oxygen are key to rejuvenating your natural glow. The Lancer Method has been designed to treat dull skin, making it appear refreshed and radiant. Polishing removes dead skin cells and opens pores up to allow for more oxygen, while Cleanse removes any residual debris. The final step, Nourish, enriches your skin with the necessary nutrients to reverse skin dullness.

Skin dullness occurs when your skin does not receive enough moisture or nutrients. Our advanced treatments, such as our Intensive Night Treatment or Advanced C Radiance Cream, can provide your skin with a concentrated dose of anti-oxidants and vitamins to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Give your skin an instant boost in luminosity with our Dani Glowing Skin Perfector. This radiance-reviving formula works to brighten, firm and combat signs of ageing. It harnesses the properties of ultra-fine light-catching mineral highlighters to illuminate all skin tones. Dullness is instantly diminished and facial contours are highlighted.

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