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First Signs of Ageing

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The first signs of ageing start appearing around the age of 25. When you are younger, your skin's renewal cycle takes 28 days but after 25 this process gradually slows done. Fine lines begin to appear, which over time become wrinkles, and a loss of volume and density in your skin becomes noticeable too. Dr Lancer's skincare range focuses on reversing the first signs of ageing and slowing down the rate at which future damage occurs.

The majority of anti-ageing products focus solely on the dermis, which is the layer of your skin between the top layer, known as the epidermis, and the connective tissue where collagen and elastin are produced. However, over 30 years of clinical experience taught Dr Lancer that in order for your skin to receive the anti-ageing benefits from products, it is imperative that you treat the epidermis.

The first two steps of The Method, Polish and Cleanse, clear your pores and remove residual debris from the surface of your skin, and prepare it to best receive the nutrients from the final moisturising step, Nourish. Nourish provides your skin with the vital nutrients it needs to protect and repair itself and help prevent the ageing process occurring. It also increases oxygen flow to your skin cells which enhances their metabolism, promoting visibly rejuvenated skin with a healthy glow! Nourish is available in three different formulas made specifically to suit your skin type so that you cannot benefit from the anti-ageing properties no matter what type your skin is.

Our range of advanced treatments and serums can enhance your anti-ageing skincare routine for optimal effect and keep the first signs of ageing at bay. Our Eye Contour Lifting Cream and Intensive Night Treatment contribute to a well-rested complexion thanks to their rich and hydrating ingredients which work to boost skin's moisture and collagen production. Put them on before you go to bed and wake up with a bright, refreshed complexion.

The Advanced C Radiance Cream does exactly what it says; enhances skin's radiance using 10% vitamin C. You can also target specific areas prone to ageing such as with our Contour Decollete to treat the delicate skin of your neck and chest or our Volume Enhancing Lip Serum to give lips a plump, supple appearance.

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