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Loss of Firmness

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Dr Lancer's skincare philosophy is founded upon the idea that you can train your skin to act as it did when you were younger. Young skin is firm and supple because it is constantly refreshing itself by producing new cells and eradicating dead ones. As you age, this process slows down, causing loss of firmness.

The 3-step Lancer Method works to stimulate and enhance your skin's natural cell renewal and healing processes. Polish exfoliates to remove dull, dead skin cells and encourages your skin cells to renew themselves, then Cleanse gently removes impurities and debris from your skin. The final step, Nourish, is a deeply hydrating cream that delivers potent anti-ageing anti-oxidants to your skin. They infuse it with oxygen and signal cells to produce more collagen to give skin a firmer appearance.

To further enhance the effects of Nourish and increase the collagen and elastin in your skin even more, you can use our advanced treatments. Our Intensive Night Treatment provides superior skin barrier restoration and our Eye Contour Lifting Cream offers a powerful collagen-boosting peptide system for the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving it feeling firm and looking refreshed. Our firming creams and treatments contain plant-based stem cells, such as ocean-based algae and lilac stem cells, as stem cells have the power to restore your skin, increase elasticity and reduce sagging.

Alternatively, tap into your skin's potential with our anti-ageing serums. Our Lift Serum Intense employs the use of cassava root extract to provide immediate lifting and smoothing benefits. Younger: Pure Youth Serum was developed to signal the skin to produce new collagen and elastic tissue while minimising signs of sun damage and ageing for a youthful, smoother, supple complexion. If you are experiencing loss of firmness in areas like your neck and chest, our Contour Décolleté Firming Concentrate should be used to tighten and firm.

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