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Sensitised skin comes in many forms. It can range from being visually irritated and flushed to causing an internal reaction that appears on the surface of your skin in the form of flushing, burning or stinging. Skin is subject to changes, particularly as you age, which is why sensitised skin can either be extremely oil on the one hand, or really dry on the other. Sensitised skin create an uneven skin tone or enlarge pores, and in extreme cases it can mutate DNA in skin cells and destroy collagen. As you get older your skin barrier becomes less effective, leading to drier looking skin and a greater susceptibility to allergic reactions.

It is important to find products gentle enough to be eased into use everyday as having a consistent skincare routine is important but sensitised skin is naturally reactive and can flare up at the slightest irritation. The Lancer Method for Sensitive Skin is designed to be gentle on the skin, and is fragrance-free to avoid any reactions caused by fragrance.

Our Polish - step one - for sensitive skin delivers extra-fine exfoliation with natural minerals to avoid abrading the skin. It contains power anti-inflammatory ingredients such as roman chamomile oil and ginger root extract so your skin can benefit from the exfoliating properties of our Polish without becoming inflamed. Step two, Cleanse, continues to soothe the skin while removing residual debris from the surface. It is enriched with oat extract to soften and moisturise, while licorice root extract is anti-inflammatory. Nourish is the final step of our sensitised skin regimen. It contains oat, chamomile and licorice extract which work to reduce redness, while oils derived from olives and avocadoes reduce inflammation and improve the skin's barrier function to retain moisture for hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

Although sensitised skin products have been formulated specifically for people with sensitive skin, it is important to ease into using them to see how your skin reacts and build up its tolerance to them. We recommend that you begin by using our Polish twice a week until your skin becomes accustomed to it, and then you can gradually increase the frequency.

Begin your sensitised skincare regime today by shopping our products for sensitive skin below.

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