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Your winter skincare regime should differ from your summer skincare routine. The colder, harsher weather can have a negative impact on your skin and leave it feeling dry, dull and flaky. Winter weather strips your skin of its natural oils and moisture, and having the heating on draws moisture from the air, leaving your home drier than normal too. As your skin loses moisture it begins to feel dry, itchy and tight. If left untreated, this can escalate and skin can crack and open - increasing the chance of infection - or form hard areas like calluses.

To counteract the effects of winter air on your skin, we recommend using The Lancer Method. Step one, Polish, will exfoliate and buff away dry, dead skin cells, encouraging fresh, new, healthy cells to form underneath. The second step, Cleanse, works to clear away residual debris from the skin and balances your pH levels. Lastly, the final step is a luxurious moisturiser, Nourish, which supplies the skin with key anti-ageing ingredients, anti-oxidants and oxygen to provide it with everything it needs to be soft, soothed and hydrated.

Our range of advanced treatments can enhance the effects of The Lancer Method and treat your specific skin concerns caused by winter air. Our Intensive Night Treatment is a deeply nourishing, rich formula that works to moisturise, comfort and renew radiance. It provides skin with a powerful moisture barrier by combining a cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid with peptides and nourishing marula oil, which helps retain healthy levels of long-lasting hydration.

Alternatively, counteract dull skin caused by winter weather with our Fade Serum Intense. This lightweight fluid formula is dedicated to brightening and evening out skin tone appearance, and reigniting your natural, youthful radiance. Our Retexturizing Treatment Cream also works to reveal radiant skin using 10% glycolic acid to help hydrate skin and diminish skin discolouration.

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