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Sensitive skin can mean many things and can present itself in a variety of ways. However, sensitive skin is usually prone to irritation and inflammation which can appear as redness, dryness, itching and burning. Sensitive skin can be tricky to look after because it can react with lots of different ingredients in skincare products, so when you are creating your sensitive skincare regimen you should look for sensitive skin products that only have a few listed ingredients in order to avoid any potential reactions. The Method for Sensitive Skin looks at the science behind cell regeneration in order to heal the skin while helping it look and behave as it did when you were younger.

The Method: Sensitive Skin has been formulated with gentle ingredients and is fragrance-free to prevent your skin from reacting. As with all versions of The Method, your sensitive skincare routine begins with our Polish that has been specifically designed for sensitive skin. Polish delivers gentle exfoliation without abrading your sensitive skin to prevent irritation, using ingredients such as quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as roman chamomile oil and ginger root extract help smooth aggravated skin while accelerating its natural cell turnover to produce fresh, healthier skin.

To continue your sensitive skincare regimen, the next step is Cleanse. Cleanse is enriched with anti-inflammatory agents such as oats and liquorice root extracts to soothe irritation. It removes residual debris from exfoliating while balancing your skins pH to ensure your skin can absorb the nutrients from the final step in The Method.

The final step is to treat your skin with The Method: Nourish which fuels the healing process as well as delivering potent anti-aging solutions to your skin. The formula employs avocado and olive oils to reduce inflammation and chamomile and liquorice extracts continue to soothe sensitive skin. Nourish is best applied while skin is still damp to ensure hydration is locked in.

The Lancer Method is particularly important for sensitive skin as it provides your skin with the anti-ageing ingredients that will promote healthy, radiant skin but is gentle enough to calm skin and reduce inflammation. However, if you have sensitive skin it is important to acclimatise it to new products, so we recommend starting off using Polish twice a week, and gradually building it up to once a day. The gentler steps, Cleanse and Nourish, can be used daily from the beginning.

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