The Lancer Method: Body range was formulated to specifically treat the skin on your body, because the requirements for treating the skin below your bustline are very different to treating the skin on your face. Your body's skin differs from the skin on your face, neck and chest due to the difference in blood circulation and appendages. The skin on your body is tougher and less forgiving of injury than that on your face.

The Lancer Method for Body works in the same way as The Lancer Method for your face in that it works to make your skin act younger and encourages cell renewal using the three steps Polish, Cleanse and Nourish. The formula has just been modified to be optimised for the skin on your body!

The Method: Body Polish is step one in your body skincare regimen and it works by exfoliating dry, dead skin cells and excess oils away to reveal the younger-looking, smoother skin underneath. The formula contains pure quartz crystals which create precise exfoliation for softer, fresh skin, while salicylic acid works to soften keratin, the rough, fibrous protein that is abundant in dead surface skin cells. The Body Polish is designed to create a controlled inflammation to help stimulate collagen production, open up your pores and increase the ability of your skin to retain moisture.

Step two of The Method: Body is Cleanse. This step cleanses the skin of any residual debris left over from exfoliating. It softens skin while deeply cleaning your pores and helping to boost cell turnover. The great thing about the Body Cleanse is that it lathers without stripping away your skin's natural moisture and oils due to the watermelon seed oil. Watermelon seed oil hydrates the skin, helps it retain moisture and clears your pores of sebum. Your skin's pH is also adjusted to the proper, slightly acidic level it should be by an AHA and BHA blend of glycolic and salicylic acids. This helps prepare your skin for the final step Nourish.

Body Nourish is a body cream used as the last step in The Method. It blends glycolic acid, rich natural moisturisers such as shea butter and marula oil, and Hylaplex™, Dr. Lancer's proprietary moisturising compound. The formula is designed to speed your skin cell turnover while minimising signs of ageing.