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Dr Lancer has spent more than thirty years practicing in his Beverly Hills clinic, closely studying the natural regenerative and repair process of our skin. His mission is to discover the best practices for delaying the ageing process in our skin which is what led to the creation of his skincare range Lancer Skincare. His line of advanced anti-ageing products use revolutionary technology to provide the best treatments for all skin types so that everyone can achieve the legendary "Lancer glow".

Dr Lancer believes that a consistent skincare regime is key to healthy, youthful skin. He created his Lancer Method - a 3-step skincare regimen designed to be used daily - to help train skin to act in the same way it would when you were younger. The 3 steps, Polish Cleanse and Nourish, work together to remove dead skin cells, provide the skin with necessary nutrients and encourage the skin to regenerate itself for a younger, brighter complexion.

The range of advanced treatments were created to enhance the effect of The Lancer Method and target specific skin concerns that you may have, from sun damage to age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you want to lift and plump skin, even skin tone or control oil production, there is a Lancer Skincare product for you.

All Lancer Skincare products are the exact same products that Dr Lancer uses in his clinic, and that he prescribes to his patients. They used to only be accessible if you were a patient at the clinic, but in recent years he has made them available to the wider public so you can have Hollywood standard skincare from the comfort of your own home!

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